Tuscany Fish

Tuscany Fish


Marco Ghizzani

The art of Recycling

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Tuscany Fish

I live in Livorno,Since childhood, being born into the world of art I have always attended the painting world, particularly the post macchiaiola school, this gave me an early appreciation and respect for the beauty that surrounds us.

It was a good life-training ground for a curious young boy to learn self expression and to experiment, initially with painting, but also using other artistic techniques to which he felt attraction, without schools, and only by following his own instinct, creativity and imagination.

With the passing years my philosophy of life developed towards the preservation of nature and the environment through artistic expression.

They smell like the sea, the sun and the old memories

It is a philosophy which advocates the culture and practice of recycling as an art form. All the sculptures, by their nature, are original abs unique in design, still scented by the sea, the sun and by memories past.

Mostly made from drift wood, bleached, worn and polished by the sea, sun, sand and wind. Materials are assembled at the end of their lifetime in order to create a new one, each object can thus have a double life and sometimes the second one better than the first.

The object's memory remains intact but with a new and personal key to understanding.

....It is in the small ways that we can improve the world where sometimes a hint of poetry can help us.